ANPR Car Park Management System Car Parking Management

So many businesses across the UK want to improve the quality of their car parks, as well as the convenience for their staff or customers.

They also want to be able to manage it efficiently and make it work for them. At District Enforcement we offer ANPR solutions for your car park, private land, or property that provides easy-to-use integrated systems, security and peace of mind.

24/7 Parking Enforcement

We provide 24/7 parking enforcement, with ANPR systems suitable for all types of car parks.
365 days a year with reliable car park protection and a first class customer experience. 3G/4G network capability means there is no downtime or reliance on local internet or on-site networks.

Increase Revenue

With our ANPR systems you can increase your revenue and maximise profitability across a single or multiple car parks.
This ensures you are collecting what is owed from those people using your facilities and keeping track of those users who outstay their allotted parking time.

Real-time monitoring & Management

With our ANPR systems you can increase your revenue and maximise profitability across a single or multiple car parks.
This ensures you are collecting what is owed from those people using your facilities and keeping track of those users who outstay their allotted parking time.

ANPR Installation Across the UK

Our ANPR systems are designed to provide you with a custom set-up in order to manage your car park or property as efficiently as possible.

This includes monitoring 24/7, software rules dictating the duration and the type of cars or vehicles allowed on your land. We can also provide signage to ensure clear and concise rules for your visitors to follow.

There is no human intervention necessary, with ANPR taking accurate readings and automatically storing information on who is entering your car park and when. You can maximise your car park space and monitor collected data to give you feedback and insights from analytics, detailing when your space is busiest and to use that information to inform your business decisions.

Benefits of ANPR

There are so many benefits to ANPR but some of the key elements offer not only an efficient way to monetise and manage your property but also to provide a professional and secure space for your visitors or customers.

  • Non-Confrontational
  • Increased operation times without any enforcement officers
  • Visual record of all site activity – multiple camera angles
  • Complete control of gates, messages and payment systems
  • Full control of entrance and exit barriers, including shutters
  • Full visibility on who is parking on your site, with real time statistics and advanced reporting capabilities
  • Nuisance Vehicles Recorded
  • Touch Screen Management with simple to use operating system
  • Maximise available space & optimise your parking area
  • Accommodates flexible tariffs and concessions for different customer groups (e.g. staff members and other pre-authorised drivers)
  • The latest in cutting edge technology, with no need for onsite devices or a WIFI internet connection, making downtime a thing of the past
  • Great way to enforce maximum stay rules, ensuring drivers who park at your sites for free only do so for an agreed period, before making room for other vehicles

Use ANPR to
Control Your Space

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    How does ANPR Work?

    ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) uses cameras which can detect the license plate of any vehicle entering a space that is being monitored.

    These cameras use the latest technology, including 3G/4G to capture footage and images which are then stored in an offsite location for backup and later review, if necessary. ANPR cameras use infrared systems to be able to record in low light levels as well as any other time of day, no matter the weather. This gives you maximum flexibility and complete automation in monitoring your car park, as well as managing your space on a daily basis.

    Vehicle Enters Car Park
    ANPR System Records Footage/Takes Image
    Payment Machine allows pay & walk or payment on return

    ANPR is a compelling option for retail environments and visitor car parks where you want to enforce restricted return policies and prevent drivers from monopolising valuable parking spaces.

    Dependant on the system, visitors will need to enter their full vehicle registration mark (VRM) on arrival to validate their ticket or on a Pay on Foot system before leaving in order to validate their stay. The data collected from ANPR cameras will be stored in a backup system for review. Your customers may potentially also be able to use smartphone apps to pay for their stay. Additionally, this app data would then be stored as well.

    Who Have We Worked With?

    District Enforcement have worked with many customers over the years, providing security and ANPR management solutions across a range of industries. Here are just some of our satisfied clients.

    Clients include...

    Why Choose District Enforcement?

    At District Enforcement we believe in providing the best service available to our customers and our award-winning parking management division has experience operating across more than 500 sites. With our history of working with many different clients, across various industries, we have covered a multitude of client needs, including ANPR system installations, providing attendant patrols and 24/7 camera controlled parking support.

    We have worked with local authorities, as well as commercial and private landowners and continue to provide the highest standards to our customers.