Mooring (MCN) Mooring Management

It’s easy to pay or appeal your Mooring Charge Notice (MCN).

Find answers to frequently asked questions and information on your rights.

Pay my MCN

Pay online, on the phone, via bank transfer or by cheque/postal order.

PLEASE NOTE – Before you start, have your Mooring Charge Notice (MCN) number ready.

Call our automated 24 hour payment line on

0844 809 4522

Payment should take less than five minutes.

Calls are charged at 5p per minute from standard BT lines. Mobile phone rates may vary. District Enforcement makes no profit from calls to this number. All calls are recorded for audit, training and quality purposes. Make sure you have a valid credit or debit card ready for payment.

Bank transfer (BACS)

IMPORTANT: Your Mooring Charge Notice (MCN) number must be used as the payment reference.

Your notice charge will remain unsettled if you do not enter the correct MCN number as your payment reference.

Our bank payment details are:
Barclays Bank Plc

Cheque or postal order

Make your cheque or postal order payable to “District Enforcement Limited”.

Use the payment amount displayed on your notice or the lower amount if paying within the reduced period.

To complete the payment process you must enclose the postal payment slip from your notice or write your name and address on the reverse, together with your Mooring Charge Notice (MCN) number as the payment reference.

No payment will be accepted without this information.

If you require a receipt by post you must enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

Please send your cheque or postal order to:
District Enforcement Limited
PO Box 10418,
LE65 9EJ

Appeal my MCN

Make your appeal by post

Before you start, have your Mooring Charge Notice (MCN) number ready.

Our fairness policy provides a sympathetic and transparent process for boaters who have genuine cause for appeal.

  • Appeals must be made in writing and supported with evidence
  • Appeal online using our secure portal
  • Appeal by post using the following address:
    District Enforcement Limited Appeals, PO Box 10418, Ashby, LE65 9EJ
  • We must receive your appeal within 28 days of a notice being issued
  • Decisions will be made in writing within 28 days of receipt of your appeal

If your appeal is not successful, you will be given an extended period from the date of the decision to pay the reduced charge.

Mooring FAQs (Know your rights)

New signage will be provided at every managed site detailing the terms and conditions of use. Any requirement to register or pay will be clearly stated.

There is no ‘right to moor’ on land that is not managed by the Environment Agency. While many of our Clients may offer ‘free mooring’ periods, they do so on a contractual licence basis.

No. District Enforcement are solely responsible for ensuring the conditions of use are met, and to take action relating to any breaches of those conditions. If a vessel is unregistered or breaching statutory requirements, it is the responsibility of the Environment Agency.

Boaters are not required to leave District Enforcement managed sites and charges will not apply for overstaying if any strong stream warnings are in place, within reach of where they are moored.

If a boater is unable to move from a mooring site managed by District Enforcement for any other reason, it is their responsibility to make District Enforcement aware and request an extension to their stay. Failure to do so will result in mooring charges being applied with any extenuating circumstances considered by District Enforcement as part of its appeals process, should the recipient of those charges choose to appeal.

Requests for extended stays on all other matters will be at the discretion of District Enforcement. However, it is highly recommended that boaters have contingency plans in place so that their vessel can be returned to its base mooring, or an appropriate alternative location, if they are not able to navigate it themselves.

If vessels remain beyond any permitted extended period, in addition to mooring charges being applied, District Enforcement may remove it to an alternative location and seek to recover all associated costs from the vessel’s owner.

District Enforcement Operatives are not given any form of incentive or targets to meet regarding the issuing of MCNs. They are paid an hourly rate and do not receive bonuses based on the number of MCNs issued. Instead they are peer reviewed for how they engage with the public and the level of service they provide.

District Enforcement’s responsibility is to ensure that all boaters are able to use its managed mooring sites in the way the landowner intends them to be used, and the way boaters themselves want to use them – to stay for a short period of time at a particular location; to enjoy the attractions on offer locally – before moving on to do the same at another location, freeing up the berth for someone else to use.

Conditions are in place to prevent the minority of inconsiderate boaters from staying moored for far longer than permitted. Compliance with these conditions and avoidance of any associated charges is straightforward. Therefore District Enforcement takes a firm stance on any non-compliance. District Enforcement has a straightforward appeals process that anyone can follow if they feel a charge has been wrongly or unfairly applied.

All signage is created to be both legally binding and informative, and to set out plainly the actions that District Enforcement will take if users do not comply with the conditions.

District Enforcement has a data sharing agreement with the Navigation Authorities to release the owner details of vessels found on their managed sites in contravention of the terms of use.

If you do not pay or appeal an MCN within 28 days of issue, District Enforcement will contact the Navigation Authorities for details of the registered owner.

They will then write to the registered owner of the vessel to inform them that a charge is outstanding, and request either full payment or proof as to the master of the vessel at the time of the mooring event.

If after this the charge is still unpaid, the registered owner will be sent a final letter stating that County Court proceedings will be instigated if the charge remains unpaid.

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