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Create more revenue from your car park space with our Pay & Display machines.

We will install parking pay & display machines in your car park or land space, offering signage for enforcement and guidance for your visitors, as well as a fluid and simple process for managing your car park.

At District Enforcement we offer installation and maintenance across our pay & display machines. Our machines are designed to give you an uninterrupted service, ensuring that you are covered during your busiest times and that you can have complete faith in your payment systems, with minimal fuss and downtime.

Pay & Display Machines - How do they work?

Our Pay & Display machines offer cash and card payment options with an easy-to use keypad for VRM entry (vehicle registration mark).

There’s no more need for staffing with on-site wardens in your car park, with our pay and display service providing an efficient and reliable way to collect revenue. Our ANPR camera systems mean that your customers can also use a phone app to pay for their stay.

This data is collected from the ANPR cameras in order to back up your customer information and to keep track of your car park’s activity 24/7.

Pay & Display Benefits

User Friendly

Straightforward & Easy to Use System
Efficient Software for Fast Payment

Payment Solutions

Cash & Card Accepted
Secure Debit and Credit Payments Available
Quick Card Tap Payment Systems

Efficient Management

Easy Removal of Cash Box for Collection
Simple Install and Removal of Systems
Remote Management and Maintenance Available
Fully Integrated Data Systems for Seamless Management

Who uses our Pay & Display Machines?

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) uses cameras which can detect the license plate of any vehicle entering a space that is being monitored.

These cameras use the latest technology, including 4G/5G to capture footage and images which are then stored in an offsite location for backup and later review, if necessary. ANPR cameras use infrared systems to be able to record in low light levels as well as any other time of day, no matter the weather. This gives you maximum flexibility and complete automation in monitoring your car park, as well as managing your space on a daily basis.

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    Pay on Foot

    As well as our pay and display machines, we also offer a wide choice of payment solutions for customers wishing to pay for parking on foot. Whereas pay and display is paid for in advance, pay on foot systems offer two types of machine reading options, including magnetic stripe tickets and bar coded tickets.

    Parking can be paid in advance and support both permit holders and paying customers but also, can be integrated with ANPR and mobile platforms. This means that customers wishing to install a parking option on their land have a variety of choices to offer their visitors.

    Pay By Phone

    Customers can also call a dedicated phone number which offers a way for visitors to pay in advance or at the time of parking. A text message can also be sent as a reminder for when they need to return. No cash needed and no parking ticket required.

    Clients include...

    Why Choose us?

    At District Enforcement we know that protecting your car park and generating effective revenue from it is important and that’s why we offer solutions which give you everything you need.

    • Easy and professional installations of pay and display equipment and signage
    • Maintenance & support on all installations
    • ANPR coverage and integration with your pay & display systems
    • Card & online payments
    • Generate revenue from your land
    • A host of pay & display solutions to meet every expectation
    • Alternative options for non-pay & display
    • Dedicated support line
    • No-obligation site survey available