Mooring Management Mooring Management

Adopted as the service provider of choice by Riparian landowners across the UK.

District Enforcement’s unique Mooring Management service has achieved a consistently higher rate of cruising and long-term moorings for 80% of Riparian Authorities along the River Thames.

We provide management support across the majority of the UK’s inland waterways and are seen as the go-to organisation to regulate moorings.

Our online platform, Where2Moor, has become an invaluable resource for boaters, providing timely information that enhances their waterways experience. Most importantly, the majority of boaters are accustomed to our ‘Fair Access for All’ operational approach and easy-to-use services, which are overwhelmingly seen as having a positive effect on the waterways and the communities that inhabit them.

Historic Royal Palaces has been working with District enforcement to manage its public moorings on the Thames.”

Graham Dillamore, Deputy Head of Gardens & Estates, Hampton Court Palace

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Fair access to moorings, for all

District Enforcement’s primary mission is to provide fair access by ensuring that maximum stay times are abided by and payments are made.

Our web portal, Pay4Mooring, enables boaters to easily register their stay or pay for the permitted time without the need to sign up to an app or database. No coins, no hunting for machines, and no waiting around for a warden to collect fees.