Littering and Dog Fouling

Processing fixed penalty notices for Environmental Crime offences

The cost to the taxpayers for street cleaning is over £1 billion a year, alongside the cost there is also the effect it has on our wildlife and health. At District Enforcement, focusing on local priorities is at the core of our service delivery. Using our approach of engagement, education and enforcement we are able to assist in improving the local communities for the benefit of all. In doing this, the legislation in which we operate from is Section 87 and 88 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 – we will also enforce any further offences in which the local authorities authorise such as Public Spaces Protection Orders (Exclusion Zones, Dog Fouling), Health Act (Smoke Free).

We pride ourselves on using state of the art technology, which consists of-

  • EDA (handheld) – Allows an Environmental Enforcement Officer to issue an on the spot Fixed Penalty Notice, it will also allow the Officer to ascertain ID Verification, an electronic notebook to aid the Officer should the matter be put before a Magistrate's Court, along with an electronic witness statement along with a state of the art panic button.
  • Complete back office system which allows users to -
    - View in real time the issuance of Fixed Penalty Notices
    - View any warnings or walk offs
    - View and export reports to assist in any FOI requests, such as male to female ratio, type of litter, patrolling hours by ward, payment summary, complaints management report etc
    - View and manage any complaints, this will also allow the user to generate responses direct to the complainant
    - Compile 1st and 2nd Reminder Letters
    - Compile prosecutions byway of Single Justice Procedure, this will also include various statements surrounding the offence
    - GPS Management which will allow the user to view live mapping, along with a "snail trail" of the Officer's movements and GEO fence patrol tracking.

The above breakdown is just a snippet of what our system has to offer, the technology is completely tailored to the delivery of our service and is continuously updating, this has inherently ensured the services in which the local authorities receive is one of a kind within this industry.

All Environmental Enforcement Officers receive the District Environmental Crime Induction Course package which equips our Officer's with the knowledge surrounding the legislation, role plays, policies and procedures, conflict management and much more. Within this course, they are assessed on knowledge checks whereby they will then receive on-street training with an experienced Training Officer.

District Enforcement are one of the only service providers who provide a National Training Team which consists of many years' experience, this Training Team will ensure any new staff receive all the skills and experience required of an Environmental Enforcement Officer.

This service is supported by our Operational Support Team who work remotely in ensuring all issued Fixed Penalty Notices are quality checked, all footage from the interaction is assigned to that particular case, all complaints are dealt with in a timely manor, all letters are dispatched via post, emails are answered and telephone queries are answered. The remote administrative team work closely with the local authority, and to ensure our clients receive a personal approach, we assign a dedicated remote admin from the Operational Support Team to support that particular contract.