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More about Our Services - What it Means to You

Many land owners or occupiers we speak to suffer from continual abuse by a minority of visitors using the facilities they provide. This is true of any service sector and although the abusers are in the minority, the impact of their selfish behaviour always affects the majority.

Unfortunately, the mindset of the selfish is such that, often, the occupier or controller of the land and services is met with the "so what are you going to do about it?" response when they challenge such individuals, leaving them feeling helpless in tackling the problem.

Similarly, we speak to a number of land owners who are unaware of their liabilities in law. Land owners in this category should have a look at why you need us and then feel free to contact us to arrange for one of our directors to contact you to give you advice regarding your legal obligations.

By contracting the enforcement of the conditions of use to District Enforcement, the problem is no longer a worry for the land owner who can go about their primary business. On the owner's behalf, we will deal with the minority who make the rest suffer for their thoughtless and selfish acts. Our enforcement will quickly send a message to abusers that their behaviour will not be tolerated.

We have a variety of packages to suit all land owners, which may be implemented at no cost to you.

We also recognise that mistakes can be made. We have a policy of fairness and transparency to both our clients and the people who receive tickets. Appeals are reviewed on a case by case basis and where genuine mitigation or error can be established, appropriate leniency will be given. Where disabled drivers who are members of DMUK have been issued with a ticket, we have agreed that they may have their appeal handled for them by their association.

Land owners and occupiers should never under estimate the key benefits of having enforceable measures in place:

  • Proven reduction in car park abuse
  • No net cost to the land owner, via our Total Ticketing Solution for smaller sites, or our rebate system for larger sites
  • A fair and non-confrontational approach backed by legal and ethical enforcement procedures
  • A supportive and welcoming response to the service from legitimate car park users