Fairness Policy

A Parking Management Company with legally qualified Leadership

We understand that reputation is crucial to some land owners, and being associated with the stereotypical private parking company can be damaging as their processes are often legally flawed and are publicly perceived as extortionate.

At District Enforcement, our emphasis is upon ethical and legally sound processes.  Our management team are qualified in Law and well practised in the fields of contract litigation and dispute resolution.

Our enforcement processes are carefully formulated from a legal and ethical perspective, and are designed to achieve high compliance rates without the need for misleading or coercive tactics.

Unlike the chains of generic letters sent to offending motorists by some enforcement companies, District Enforcement treat every chargeable parking incident on a case by case basis and take into account the range of circumstances before deciding on the most appropriate legal remedy.

In addition to our openness to regulation, we offer a sympathetic and transparent appeal procedure for motorists who have genuine cause for mitigation.  This process can be audited by you, the land owner, at any time therefore protecting the reputations of both your business and ours.